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Fully Surrendered to Jesus


Day 1

READ: JOHN 12:1-8

As you begin this season of Lent, take some time to reflect on the following questions: Am I fully surrendered to Jesus? Is there anyone or anything that is more important than my personal relationship with Jesus?  Has there been any clutter in my heart and my mind that has spilled over to the way I live?  Can I truly say that I will follow Jesus anywhere He leads me or do anything He calls me to?  Do I honor Jesus on a daily basis?  Is there anyone or anything in my life that is in competition with my Lord and Savior?

Jesus had just done something that only God can do: He raised His friend Lazarus from the dead!  Six days before the Passover, Jesus is having dinner at Simon’s home.  With no surprise, among those eating with Jesus were His good friends: Mary, Martha, and their brother, Lazarus.  Why wouldn’t Jesus have dinner and fellowship with His good friends before He Himself was going to die and be raised from the dead?  Jesus loves relationships and certainly loved being with good friends.

Martha was busy serving everyone.  Lazarus was eating at the table with Jesus.  Mary was neither found eating or serving.  In fact, she does something remarkable.  Mary took precious perfumed oil - oil that cost about a year’s wages - got on her knees and anointed the feet of Jesus.  The house was filled with its fragrance.  After anointing the feet of Jesus with the oil, she then wipes the oil off His feet, not with a towel, but with her hair.

Mary’s actions demonstrated honor.  She worshipped her Savior with humility.  She did not come into the house boasting how she was a friend of Jesus.  No. She got on her knees before her God.  She surrendered before her King.  Mary gave sacrificially to Jesus; she gave something that she could have sold for her own gain or put to use for another purpose.  Yet, Mary could not have given this expensive gift to anyone or anything better.  It was common for a servant to wash the feet of a guest with water when entering the house, but Mary chose something that was fit for a King.  She truly expressed her love and devotion to Jesus by using her own hair to wipe off the oil and dust that had been on His feet.  What humility!  Mary was all in as a disciple of Jesus!

Mary’s anointing of Jesus’ feet was an act of her love and thankful heart to who He was and what He had done in her life.  How interesting it is that Mary worshipped and honored Jesus at the place where He transformed her: His feet.  Luke 10:39 states that Mary sat at Jesus’ feet and heard His word.  Mary came to know Jesus, hear His word, and be transformed by Him.  Mary was expressing her love and devotion to Jesus by giving her all to Him at His feet.  Her act of worship, honor, and surrender is a beautiful picture of loving Jesus because He first loved her (1 John 4:19).  Mary didn't hold anything back.  It did not matter what it cost her to show her love and devotion to Jesus.

Our honor and worship to Jesus is directly related to knowing and experiencing His life- changing love and power.  Is there a love and devotion to Jesus that has gotten lukewarm?  Do you have a strong passion to know Jesus more and an absolute abandonment to follow Him?  If not, perhaps you have forgotten what Jesus has done in your life.  You may need to go back to the cross and see what love Jesus has for you.  Jesus has saved you, healed you, delivered you, and redeemed you by His amazing grace.  Take a walk back to the road that led to your redemption.

As you sit at the feet of Jesus, may you remember His goodness and transforming power in your life.  In turn, may you honor Him by surrendering all who you are and all that you have in His presence.


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