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In the Name of Jesus


Day 6

READ:  JOHN 14:12-14

One of the greatest gifts that Jesus has given to every believer who prays to God and demands the kingdom of darkness to get out, is the gift of His name. One of the amazing truths that Jesus taught His last week on earth and before going to the cross was the power of His name and the privilege for every single believer to use His name for freedom and victory.

Acts 10:38 says that the Holy Spirit anointed Jesus with power, and did good, healing all who were oppressed by the devil. Jesus taught the truth that set people free; He healed disease, He cast out demons, He calmed the storm, and did many miracles when He was on earth. Before He went to die on a cross, rise again, and ascend to heaven, Jesus told his disciples that all who put their faith in Him for salvation, will do what He did. In fact, every believer would be doing greater works. Jesus said that the greater works of teaching, preaching, healing, and doing the miraculous in people’s lives would be through His name. The promise of Jesus is that when you ask of God in the name of Jesus, it will be done.

Those who were listening to what Jesus was saying about using His name understood well. The political culture during this time included kings as rulers of the land. Different empires and kingdoms were led by the king, and whatever the king commanded or decreed was the law. It could not be altered or changed.

We see this in the book of Esther. Haman was the chief minister under King Ahasuerus. He hated the fact that Mordecai, a Jew who served in the palace, did not bow to Haman.  So Haman went to the king and fabricated the story of how terrible the Jews were in the land. He asked the king to write a decree to destroy all the Jews on a certain day in the land of Persia. The decree was written in the king’s name, and the couriers of that day went out in all the land, declaring the law in the king’s name (Esther 3:12-15). The evil plot was exposed and King Ahasuerus told Queen Esther to write another law to save the Jews. He told her to write the decree in his name and to seal it with the king’s signet ring. Esther 8:8 says, “for whatever is written in the king’s name and sealed with the king’s signet ring, no one can revoke.” The decree was then proclaimed in the name of the king, and the Jews were saved. They celebrated with a feast, and had joy and gladness.

Jesus is the King of kings (Revelation 19:16). There is no one greater than Jesus. All power and authority is in Him.  Philippians 2:9-11 says that every knee will one day bow before Him, whether the angels in heaven, every human being that has ever lived on earth, every demonic force, and the devil himself, for there is no name that is compared to Jesus.

King Jesus has written a decree - His word - and it cannot be revoked. Jesus is calling you to take the authority that has been given to you and be a courier. Proclaim the decree of God’s word to yourself and to others.

When you pray to the Lord about what you need and the needs of others, you are agreeing with the eternal decree and promises of God! When you command the devil to leave, command the body to be healed, tell fear and anxiety to take a hike, and destroy the works of darkness, you do so in the name of Jesus. Every other authority that is against you must submit and bow its knee, because you come and declare the truth, in the name of Jesus! Use the name of Jesus, and greater works will be done.

Ask God anything in His word, and it will come to pass. As you pray in the name of Jesus, you will do good and heal all who are oppressed by the devil, for Jesus is with you.  Jesus stands behind His great name.


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