God shared a vision with a man named, Abraham. He called Abraham to be a "father of many nations".  Abraham and his wife, Sarah, were considerably older and unable to produce a child, but God still had a vision for them. Abraham's greatest desire was having a son. He wanted a son who would become an heir to what God had promised him. One night, Abraham was feeling frustrated and disappointed while resting inside his tent. God called Abraham out of his tent and told him,"look to the sky and count the stars if you're able, and thats how many descendants you will have".

Immediately after, Abraham believed the Lord and the Lord counted him righteous because of his faith.  God had to show Abraham a picture of what could be done in his life.  The goal is to have what God desires and what we desire to be in perfect alignment. In our relationship with God we both have a role to play. God doesn’t do it all, neither do we, and this is why we are in a relationship with him. God had to show Abraham what was possible when he was in a relationship with Him. He took Abraham's one desire and multiplied it more than he could ever imagine.  

God's calling you to step out of your tent. He wants to show you the endless possibilities He has for you. God wants you to trust Him, place your confidence in Him. He knows the purpose and the plans He has for your life. God wants you to believe that He can use you just like He used Abraham and Sarah. They were old and barren, but God still gave them a vision. God wasn't done with them He’s not done with you. He wants to use you in whatever mess you're in.

He wants to take what you have and turn it into something beautiful. He has placed gifts in you to bring your vision to life. God is ready to use you in a awesome way.

Questions to Consider

What can you do this week to get a clear picture for your future?

What changes would you have to make in order to be the person you want to become?

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